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Takayoshi Hanagata retires as chairman of Canon Virginia Inc.

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Canon U.S.A.  Inc. has announced the retirement of Takayoshi Hanagata from his positions of chairman of Canon Virginia, Inc., chairman of Industrial Resource Technologies Inc. and chairman, president and CEO of Canon U.S. Life Science Inc. effective July 31. 

Hanagata joined Canon Virginia in January 2003 as president and CEO.  He became chairman in January 2010.  Located in Newport News, Canon Virginia is the Japan-based company’s largest manufacturing, engineering and technology center in the Americas region. “The expansion and growth of Canon Virginia under Mr. Hanagata’s leadership has been remarkable” Joe Adachi, president and CEO of Canon USA, said in a statement.  “During the past eight years, Canon Virginia has transitioned from a manufacturing facility producing three products to a fully integrated technology center supporting the entire Canon Americas region and using the latest, high-tech automated manufacturing methodology to produce world class products.”

Hanagata began his career with Canon in Tokyo in 1967 following his graduation from The Tokyo Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Over more than 40 years, he held several key positions, including group executive of the Bubble Jet Printer Business Group (in 1996) and president of Canon Business Machines Inc. in Costa Mesa, Calif., where he served in 2000 until being named CEO of Canon Virginia three years later.   

Hanagata also is chairman of Industrial Resource Technologies, Inc., a unit jointly owned by Canon Virginia Inc. and Canon U.S.A., Inc.  It recycles toner cartridges and is located in Gloucester County, Va.  In addition, he’s the leader of Canon U.S. Life Science, Inc., which conducts bio-medical product research in Rockville, MD.

In addition to these professional titles, Hanagata currently serves on the board of directors of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and is vice chairman of the board for the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Prince George County.


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